Didde Mie From
Dancer & choreographer

Didde Mie From is a world-know professional dancer and choreographer. She got her first professional job in the age of 14, as the youngest ever to perform in the x-factor UK. Didde has since then done amazing projects in her career and have since the last few years choreographed big shows and tours for well-known artists. 

Didde has danced for stars such as Dua Lipa, Robbie Williams, Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Kylie Minogue and Pink. 

Didde has also worked with brands like Puma and been in close collabs with Universal Studios. 

Selected cases

This is all cases which Didde Mie From has choreographed with her vision and most of them danced as well. 

Tessa sommertour 22'
Headliner shows & Samsung event

Medina - Live performance

Man Down
Rihanna Tribute show

Panzer Glas
SOME commercials

Bird of Pray

Theater Production

Feels - Talk To Me Music Video

Alberto & Tessa - Columbiano
Music Video

Concept Video
For Universal studios

Concept video
Christina Aquilera

Concept Video
Natasja & Tessa

Echo awards 2023

Concept video
Michael Jackson, Who is it

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