Theater PRoductions and shows

Bjerkensjoe & From has continued to produce epic theater productions since its inception. We currently have three productions that will tour in Denmark and the UK & have dancers going on tour with Tessa and Dua Lipa.

"KBH hallen & Århus Congress Center" TEssa tour DK

About the production

Directed & Choreographed by: Didde-Mie Lykke From 
Camera & Editing: Katrine Nordahl 
Production: Bjerkensjoe & From Productions 

Currently tours in Denmark and the UK.

"Countdown" Beyonce tribute by PFC#5

About the production

Directed & Choreographed by: Zacc Milne & Ida Vibe
Camera & Editing: Katrine Nordahl & Thomas Rafn
Production: Bjerkensjoe & From Productions 
Dancers: PFC#5

"Angest" hippodromen
The folk & zeppelin theater

About the production

Directed & Choreographed by:  Josefin Bjerkensjöe Canfield
Production: Bjerkensjoe & From Productions 

A personal story depicted in a strong, challenging, visual, and physical theater universe.
With new interpretations of music from the greatest artists in the last 30 years.

"The great gatsby"
The Dance Chapel

About the production

By Copenhagen Dance Education #1, #2 & #3. 

"Copenhagen Dance Celebration"
bremen theatre 2013

About the production

Dancers: Misha Gabriel, Randi Kemper, Hefa Leone Tuita, Sandra Mogensen, Marvin Spahi, Phillip Stilling, Tone Reumert & Mie Ina Nielsen.
Hosted by: Copenhagen Dance Space

"Copenhagen Choreographers Competition"
The Royal theatre 2012

About the production

Copenhagen Dance Space Ensemble’s performance at the Copenhagen Choreography Competition (CCC) at the Royal Danish Theatre on November 12, 2012.

Judges at CCC were Misha Gabriel (US), Nikolaj Hubbe (DK), Louya K-yul (FR), Toniah Pedersen (DK), and Alexander Kolpin (DK).
“A Stop For The Night” did not compete in the competition.

About the show:
“A Stop For The Night” follows the story of an escort with a dirty past who encounters a passing lover. She is a prisoner of her own demons. The actions of her past follow her every move and have become a part of her that she cannot escape. The story takes place during one of her past experiences – but which part does the wandering lover play? Is he to blame for her misfortune or is she solely responsible? Perhaps he is more engaged in her story than he would like to be…