All of our dancers are dedicated professionals that have been trained by Didde Mie From, Ricky Jinks, Kerrie Milne, Zacc Milne, Lukas McFarlane, as well as many more top-notch educators.


The dancers of Bjerkensjoe & From are highly trained professional dancers that have worked for multiple productions for artists and companies and large corporate events. 

We have any ethnicity, size, and height. 

Bjerkensjöe & From


Choreographer // Teacher

Brian Friedman

“Since the day I had my first Bjerkensjöe&From Dancer step in front of me in London at an audition, I knew there was going to be a long working relationship between us. The level of their dancers sets their audience up for success and the in-house agency bridges the gap between the amazing training and professional work. 

Bravo Josefin & Didde! 

The sky is the limit for CDS!”

Josefin Bjerkensjöe management dancers
Management dancers
Agency dancers
Our Kids dancers